Perception and Behavior

Understanding how our smoke-free products will be perceived and used.

Our studies showed a low intent to use IQOS among non-smokers.

Over 10,000 participants were involved in PMI’s premarket U.S. perception and behavior studies. The studies found that a significant percentage of adult smokers – between 20% and 39% – intended to use IQOS, depending on the type of tested material and modified risk message.

In contrast, less than approximately six percent of adult former smokers and less than one percent of adult never-smokers (including young adult never-smokers below 25) expressed an intention to use IQOS. Importantly, adult consumers correctly understood the modified risk communications, including that IQOS is not without risk.


A premarket actual use study showed that approximately 15% of adult smokers predominantly or exclusively switched to IQOS.