Our Smoke-Free Products

Four smoke-free product platforms* are being developed to offer better alternatives for smokers. Two of them are heated tobacco products, and two are e-vapor products. All newly developed products undergo rigorous testing, including non-clinical and clinical assessment.

Heated tobacco products

Platform 1 (IQOS)

IQOS uses an electronic heat-control system that heats tobacco within a specific temperature range. Extensive laboratory and clinical data are available supporting its potential for risk reduction compared with cigarettes. IQOS consists of three components: a pocket charger, a holder, and a heated tobacco unit.


Platform 2 relies on its product design to control the heating of tobacco within a set temperature range. A carbon heat source at the tip generates heat without the use of electronics.

Nicotine-containing e-vapor products


A novel platform delivering nicotine aerosol.


Battery-powered devices that vaporize a nicotine-containing liquid.

* The products depicted are subject to ongoing development and therefore visuals are illustrative and do not necessarily represent the latest stages of product development.