What is heat-not-burn?

Key Publications

Philip Morris International (PMI) is developing a range of new products with the objective of offering adult smokers a less harmful alternative to continued cigarette smoking. PMI has a rigorous and extensive program designed to assess each product’s potential for reducing harm compared to continued cigarette smoking. The program follows established scientific precedents and draft guidance for Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications (MRTPA). The scientific assessment standards and methods are similar to those used by the pharmaceutical industry, including product design controls, a range of toxicological tests, clinical studies, premarket consumer perception and behavior studies, and planned postmarket assessments.

PMI publishes the results of its studies in peer-reviewed publications and presents the findings at scientific conferences. The list of conferences PMI’s scientists attended can be found here. Since 2011, PMI has published over 160 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters describing its approaches, methods, and product assessment studies. The full list of references and abstracts for the articles describing PMI’s studies conducted with Tobacco Heating System (THS 2.2), a heat-not-burn candidate Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP), can be downloaded here.

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